Love the BUMMEL all-leather look and comfort? Then you have to sit in a true Bummel chair - designed in collaboration with JK Designs in George. They are unique artisanal collector's pieces and made to order in a choice of plain leather shades - tan, medium and dark brown - as well as Nguni or Zebra hides.

The chairs are handcrafted by a German carpenter at JK Designs in a solid timber frame and finished off by Bummel leather craftsmen with a leather seat and back. Each chair includes 14 fully-adjustable buckles and 7 real-leather belts and is unique as it can be adjusted for utmost comfort to suit individual weights. 

Prices: Plain Leather R17 500 - Nguni R20 500 - Zebra R22 500




Email us for more product information and delivery times: michael@bummel.co.za